Deadline: June 24th, 2024



June 24th, 2024 – FREE ENTRY Deadline
June 25th-30th, 2024 – Reviewing & Judging of the submitted video recordings
July 1st-2nd, 2024 – Finalist Notifications
July 1st-5th, 2024 – Application for Final Round & Payment of Administrative Fees
July 30th, 2024 ONWARDS – The winning results will be announced
August 25th, 2024 – The Overall winning will be announced
August 25th, 2024 ONWARDS – E-Certificates will be sent


The Online London International Music Competition is divided into preliminary and final Rounds (total of two rounds online). Entrants must submit video materials for preliminary application with FREE ENTRY. Final selection of winners is based solely on the same video materials submitted in the preliminary contest. Multiple winners will be selected for each age group.


1.1 Preliminary Round (FREE ENTRY)

Entrants must visit the official Online London International Music Competition website and fill out the preliminary round application form on the “FREE ENTRY” page, submitting a video recording link of their musical performance. This contest accepts links to major global video websites like YouTube, Vimeo or others.

Make sure you fully comply with the “Repertoire & Video Guidelines” (Section 3 of these rules). If there is a situation that does not meet the following rules, the participants will automatically lose their qualifications for the final round.


Only contestants selected in the qualifying round (preliminary round) are entitled to advance to the final round. Contestants who pass this round will have the option of using the same videoclip for the final round or submitting an updated one by July 5, 2024.

Selected finalists will receive an email invitation with instructions on how to apply for the final round. Email invitations will be sent on the Finalist Announcement Date, please check the schedule. PLEASE CHECK THE SPAM BOX in your mailbox, sometimes the mail sent by our system will be considered as spam by the email service provider.

Finals applicants must use the link in the email to complete the final application steps by the application deadline for the final round:

Pay the final application fee via a secure payment link via the link we will email you.
Complete the Final Application Form.

Final Application Fee Details:
  • Final Application Fee: £ 79
  • Chamber Group finals application fee: £ 130

* The final application fee is a one-time non-refundable voluntary payment.  

*Guardians of minors must sign a separate “Allow Competition Organizer to Use Minors’ Names on Websites and Social Media” notice to allow Online London International Music Competition to post awards and personal images, video materials, and biographies on major social media platforms. worldwide.


The competition is open internationally to musicians of all ages. Applicants will be grouped into twelve categories based on age. Each category will have a different time limit.

  • KIDS PRODIGY– Born in 2016 and younger – 10 minutes maximum
  • KIDS ARTIST I– Born in 2015/2014 – 10 minutes maximum
  • KIDS ARTIST II– Born in 2013/2012- 10 minutes maximum
  • JUNIOR I – Born in 2011/2010 – 15 minutes maximum
  • JUNIOR II – Born in 2009/2008 – 15 minutes maximum
  • YOUTH I – Born in 2007/2006 – 20 minutes maximum
  • YOUTH II – Born in 2005/2004 – 20 minutes maximum
  • VIRTUOSO I – Born in 2003/2002 – 20 minutes maximum
  • VIRTUOSO II – Born in 2001/2000 – 20 minutes maximum
  • MASTER I – Born in 1999/1998 – 25 minutes maximum
  • MASTER II– Born in 1997/1996 – 25 minutes maximum
  • PROFESSIONAL – Born in 1995 and older – 25 minutes maximum

Applicants must compete in their age category (not competing up or down) and may be required to show proof of age if requested by the competition committee.


  1. The selection of the repertoire is open to the applicant and all the judgments are made through the presentation of video links. The following rules/restrictions apply.
  2. The applicant combination may submit any published piece, piece or combination of piece moves as long as the combined total time is within the maximum time limits listed above. The applicant may make cuts to a part or move a part to meet deadlines if desired.
  3. The contest will accept videotapes with piano, orchestra, chamber ensemble, wind band, percussion, or any other accompaniment required by the composer in the published work.
  4. COVID-19 Exception. The contest will accept recordings with pre-recorded accompaniment for those applicants who are unable to record with a live accompanist due to social distancing.
  5. The video must contain recordings made during the 18 months before the deadline. Each age category has a maximum duration for the video. (Deadline: June 24th, 2024)

  6. Each piece must be performed in one take with no edits. If you submit multiple pieces, they must be submitted together as one video file not to exceed the maximum time limits for the applicant’s age category. Online London International Music Competition reserves the right to immediately disqualify any applicant whose tape shows evidence of editing within one take of a piece other than a cut to meet time limits.

  7. Multiple cameras can be used for video recording but no sound effects should be added to any portion of video entry (it is acceptable to have an introduction title with musician’s name, title of piece and composer).
  8. The applicant does not have to submit sheet music at the time of application. However, if requested by the committee, the applicant must submit an original score or a copy of the score with the written permission of the publisher for use in the competition.
  9. There is no live round: all awards will be made online via video submission. It is suggested that the applicant submit the highest quality video possible to give a fair representation of their performance.


  • FIRST PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 93/100 points
  • SECOND PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 86/100 points
  • THIRD PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 79/100 points
  • FOURTH PRIZE – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 72/100 points
  • Special Mention Recognition – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 65/100 points
  • Honorary Mention Recognition – is to be awarded to the competitor who earns at least 55/100 points

Number of awards (prizes) is not limited.


A link is available at the bottom of this website to the full terms and conditions set forth by Online London International Music Competition. The competition reserves the right to update these rules at any time and the complete interpretation of these rules rests with Online London International Music Competition.

Deadline: June 24th, 2024